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About Amity

Amity Cooper is a trained mental health professional, Lifebook facilitator and entrepreneurial coach, whose mission is to empower others to live their lives fully and authentically. Through her various companies, Amity speaks on the changing landscape of small business technologies. As an equine facilitator and coach, Amity advocates for first responder and caregiver mental health and well-being, through her organization, The Human-Herd Network, and runs intimate experiential mastermind intensives, to deepen one’s relationship with each person’s inner and outer natures.

How Can I Serve You?

Clinical Career Collective

Helping the in-service practitioner cross the digital divide so they can tech-up and care wide.
Clinical Career Collective (C3)is a multifaceted professional career development company founded to support mental and behavioral health professionals to cross the digital divide in order to tech-up and care wide

Wayfinding Counseling​

Finding and following your authentic self’s life coordinates.
If you are ready to explore new psychic territories of the soul, or desire to write your best self into being—all with the comfort and safety of someone who respects your privacy, your life experiences, and your special zone of genius, then I could be your right partner and guide.

Human Herd Network

Restorative Equine Programs for Healthcare Heroes

A corporate wellness consultancy firm that bolsters the caregiving professional with mental health tools, community resources, and resiliency support systems that directly impact their ability to meet the present day challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Centaurus Destination Retreats

Travel Far, Journey Home. Live Unbridled.

We are a boutique travel destination club for women who like to bypass the straight road in order to discover the hidden trail.

Our preference for the finer things is offset by the muddy boots that got us there…and, heels down, we believe that the best view is always out there…usually in the company of a good horse.

Healing Entreprenuership

A 2020 online event: adapting new technologies for a modern clinical practice.

Do you feel like you’ve been left behind with all the rapid advancements in technology?

Did the worldwide pandemic shine a light on areas of growth that you need to focus on in order to adapt and succeed in today’s modern, mental health environment?

I have made it my purpose to help my fellow mental health professionals embrace their inner entrepreneurial spirit by showing them that being in-business is the best way of being in-service.

Creations & Past Projects


EWomensNetwork Premier Success Coach

Being in business is the best way of being in-service.

The act of Wayfinding encompasses all of the ways in which people orient themselves in physical and psychological space. In my coaching practice, I apply the same Wayfinding principles that help orient you towards your personal ‘North Star’ coordinates.

S.O.A.P News

By utilizing the handy S.O.A.P. Clinical Progress Note: [Summary, Observation, Assessment, and Plan], for her weekly YouTube Vlog Channel, SOAP News, Amity dishes on relevant topics affecting the mental health industry, entrepreneurship, and the new, exponential technology, today.

Lifebook Mastery

Write your best self into being with Lifebook

The truth is – no matter how your life looks right now you have the absolute power to turn it into a real masterpiece. You just need to get clear on what your masterpiece looks like and design it yourself—with the help from Lifebook.


If You Want To Become More Mindful So You Can Truly Learn How To Flourish In Your Life, Then Save Your Seat For Our Eight-Module Mindfulness Training. 

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About Amity

The Full Story

Almost 10 years ago, at the peak of her career, Amity found herself suddenly without purpose or direction. Her last business as a boutique chocolate maker just shuttered with a big bang and she was without guidance or support.

After 18-years in the business world, creating and designing products and services for both herself and others, she had come to a crossroads. Exhaustion had set in and her life, as she had known it, was falling apart. Waking up to the realization that she was living a life that was unfulfilling and unsatisfying, she went on a quest; holing herself up to do the deep work and healing she needed to get her mind, body, and spirit aligned.

Through a series of unfortunate or fortuitous events, (depending on how you look at it) Amity gave herself permission to ‘re-do her life plan’. During that journey inwards, Amity discovered that what she loved most was working with people to help them discover their true North Star coordinates.

Amity returned to school for a second master’s degree in mental health counseling and stepped into the arena to become a trained equine-assisted psychotherapist while incorporating all her entrepreneurial know-how to help other in-service professionals uncover and reach their full potential in life.

Amity continues to pursue her passions–traveling the world and spending days alongside her equine partners Steely Rose and Admiral, and surrounding herself with a special group of entrepreneurs, healers, and innovators, who feel the call to help and serve others, live abundantly, and who have opted into living fully present to each and every moment that arises.

What brings her joy is helping others write their best selves into being through her Lifebook workshops, facilitating equine restorative retreats for healthcare heroes, and running life and career coaching programs for other in-service professionals looking to transition from employee to therapreneur.

Amity’s secret sauce is really no secret at all. She believes that living the good life is a work in progress, and like Carl Rogers says, ‘It’s the direction, not the destination’ that counts.

Amity splits her time between Denver, Colorado, and San Diego, California, with her husband, two kids, two horses, and their favorite child, Beau–the English Shepard extraordinaire.

A world citizen at heart, she looks forward to traveling often and whenever possible.

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